Games for English class

Games for English class

Games for English class
Games for English class

As a teacher, specially an English teacher, we are demanded to be creative, more creative we are, more knowledge the students will get. And one of the ways to teach English creatively is through the game. Since a long time ago, the language experts have already proved that learning language through game is more effective. Learning English should be fun, shouldn’t it??? And here, I will share the games which I usually play with my students, especially when I am too bored teaching about grammar… 😉

These games are for individual and small group, as I teach in English course which has students less than 10 students each class, but if you try these games for larger group, you should a little bit modify them.

  1. BINGO

This game is popular among English teacher and become favorite one in my class. This game also introduce the students about parts of speech. You can choose the theme for this game, example NOUN, ADJECTIVE, VERB, ADVERB, or you can also choose vocabulary as FRUIT, VEHICLE, or even JOBS, the theme is up to you.

 How to play:

  • Write down 25 word (related the theme, in the example above, I choose VERB) on the whiteboard.
  • Ask each student to draw 5×5 table, like given above, and fill each column with the  VERB words which are written on the whiteboard, RANDOMLY. Let them fill the word wherever they want.
  • After finish the preparation, begin the game by asking one student to make sentence using verb, like this example, “The driver get injured”, and the other students should cross the word “get” in their table.
  • Next, the next student should make another sentence like before, example “The parrot can sing”, then all students should cross the word “sing”. Continue the game until all the words are crossed.
  • Every row and column which is completely crossed, should be mark as B,I,N,G,O
  • The first student who can get the first mark B,I,N,G,O is the winner.

This is our traditional game which I modify it become teaching method, I usually use this game for student who are in intermediate level, because my focus learning is “Direct and Indirect speech” or “ Active and Passive” section, but you can also use this to boost their grammar by mix the column with the question which relevant with the grammar.

            How to play :

  • You need prepare a dice and pawns to play this game, and this game should be played 4 students maximum to focus the goal, which is speaking.
  • Ask the first student to throw the dice, and see the number on the dice, move the pawns as the number, and ask the student to read the sentence in the box, for example, it is written “the new president has built this hospital”, the ask her or him to change it into passive, orally “the hospital has been built by the new president”
  • Give score to whom they can answer it correctly.
  • Notice, that there are picture “snake” and “ladder”, if student is being in the snake column, they should go down, in the other hand, if they get “ladder” column, they can go up.
  • Student who gets the highest score or reaches the finish column first will be the winner.

 The purpose of this game is to practice listening. The games need 10 students or more. Divide the group into 2 groups with 5 members each.

How to play :

  • Ask them to make a line, the first student is whispered by the teacher a long sentence, I usually use “tongue twister for kids” to make it more fun. You can search tongue twister in the internet, but this is one of them “five fat frogs eat five furry flies”
  • The first student whispers the sentence to the second one, and the second one whispers it to the third one.
  • After the fifth one is whispered, ask her/him to say it aloud, and count how many words he can say it correctly. Remark each word with 100.
  • The group which has higher score will be the winner.

I think it is time for me to go sleeping now… hahaha, good luck playing this game and make English as fun as you can.