JYP Finally Speaks about JaeBeom

JYP Finally Speaks about JaeBeom

JYP Finally Speaks about JaeBeom
JYP Finally Speaks about JaeBeom

Finally what all you hottests have been waiting for. Head man Park Jin Young from JYP entertainment released a statement on September 10th, 2009 through Korean news outlets. His topic of discussion was none other than the huge controversy that has captured Korea’s attention over the past few days, 2PM’s leader Jaebeom.

Here’s what he had to say:

JaeBeom’s exit from 2PM was sad for everyone.

Park Jin Young revealed on the 10th on JYP Entertainment’s homepage the reasons he debuted Park JaeBeom and why he took JaeBeom into JYP. Park Jin Young expressed his grief for what happened with the recent controversy surrounding 2PM’s leader.

JYP proposed that 4 years ago, a troubled youth (Jaebeom) was met by music and was transformed. He also suggested that, “just as things were turning for the bright side, Jaebeom’s online posts from his rebellious years unfortunately surfaced. He was extremely regretful and sorry to his 2PM members, to me, to the company wokers, to the fans, and most of all to the Korean people who had received him so warmly. He believed that if he hesitated making a decision, the fans would turn their anger to the other 2PM members as well. Even more, the current situation made it impossible to perform on stage.”

In Jaebeom’s last email he wrote, “I was really a punk with no respect back right? I’m sorry. Because of you, my view on life has changed so much. I’ve become a stronger person and a much better person. Thank you so much.”

JYP said about the letter, “The pain is ripping. It hurts. But, I knew what Koreans would think of his words (in the past). They would feel betrayed. I could not say anything in his defense.”

He stated that, “The comments Jaebeom made to his friend 4 years ago gave a huge shock to many people. However, people like me who knew Jaebeom for a long time were not surprised because we already knew he used to be that type of kid.”

“The Jaebeom 4 years ago was a rude and pessimistic kid. He looked upon Korea, his friends in training, and, furthermore, me, as a joke. I even think he looked upon the occupation of a celebrity as a joke. He was a kid that would much rather be a b-boy than a celebrity. He had countless fights with the company staff trainer and got into arguments with fellow employees. Our company was not pleased and, hence, demanded that the producer to take care of the situation.

Park Jin Young commented, “If JaeBeom back then didn’t join JYP, he still had a chance to succeed.” “Some staffs have questioned me why I would bring in someone with no manners in the past. But I believed that if his feelings were naturally revealed, he would have hope.” “JaeBeom thought of everybody, including me, lightheartedly and even expressed that way physically. That was what I liked about him.” “Bad kids usually have tremendous energy in them but they don’t get a chance to use it. Some haven’t met trustworthy people to help them use that energy.”

He continued to say, “I wanted to teach him how to have fun on stage and I trusted it could happen which gave me hope. To Jaebeom, there are two types of people. His family and people who are not his family. He loves and protects his family to death and they are the reason he became a singer. He trained so hard for his family. He acted rude but he practiced to reach for the best.”

And he said, “…Jaebeom changed little by little. He started to become close to the ones he thought were picked only for looks, he started to build a relationship with the company’s workers, and he started to love being on stage. His impolite face changed to a bright smile and his singing and dancing skills became excellent. His energy shined through on stage and that is why I picked him to be the leader. The rest of the members trusted him and followed him. He was touched by the nice people in the industry after he debuted as well as the Korean fans. And it’s music that changed him.”

Lastly, “Jaebeom’s new persona was not fake. He didn’t take things seriously but he was never a bad guy. We have heard the anger from the people as well the fans’ grief upon his departure from the group. We are listening to everyone’s reactions. But the important thing right now is not 2PM’s Park Jaebeom but it is the human Park Jaebeom. He needs to think back on himself and reflect on his past. I really want everyone to respect Jaebeom’s decision. Finally, I want to just say sorry once again.”

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